About Us


Intelligent Edge brings the experience of innovative solutions with strong project execution expertise to help you solve your metal recycling and air pollution challenges.

Intelligent Edge brings decades of experience in Turnkey project execution. The team has helped various multination organizations by assisting them in improving efficiencies with integration with business goals across multiple countries.

We take pride in Being a growth catalyst for our partners (customers and suppliers). We believe maximum value can only be derived through simple and reliable solutions. The core of solutions comes from our understanding of the various processes on the floor. 

Today we provide turnkey solutions in Recycling and Air Pollution Control with our pioneering Dust Collection System and Scrap Processing Machines. All our solutions are aimed at sustainable growth.

We provide equipment like a Car Shredder to help metal recyclers efficiently prepare the raw material, increasing the scrap's value and enhancing efficiency in the subsequent metal manufacturing processes.

We work with the manufacturing industry to reduce air pollution while generating revenue from the material collected from the exhaust air.

Solutions We Provide