ELV Dismantling

ELV Dismantling

Scrap Vehicle dismantling and processing seems like a simple process, but at every step, there are efficiencies to be built. We help our customers complete the journey of setting up the scrap car dismantling and processing facility. We, along with our partners, bring capabilities to take turnkey projects and hand holds you through the journey from design to execution to final commissioning of the facility.

The Indian government is enforcing the Vehicle scrapping policy. As this policy of government will mature, the country will need various “Scrap Car Recycling yards” to cater to the scrap cars and extract value out of these vehicles.

We at Intelligent Edge have gathered an expertise in designing and implementing complete turnkey solutions for scrap vehicles. We have the expertise to work on a different combination of vehicles (Cars, Buses, Trucks, 3-wheelers, etc.) and design a solution that is flexible and scalable in the future.

Our team of technology partners, Consultants, Designers, and Engineers is fully equipped to cater to the needs of various scales of scrap yards. Since scrap vehicles are bulky and consume a lot of space, our solutions specifically focus on the material and process flow for the ease of handling and saving in space required.